Facing Ego

Lately, I’ve been having deep thoughts. I know what you are thinking: when do I not ever have deep thoughts? Right.

Besides studying and researching in bioinformatics, running my online business, and caring for family, I do think about the external world at times. There’s constant pondering about whether I will make it or how successful I will be in the external world. Sometimes, I say to myself, “why am I not ‘made’ or ‘successful’ now?

After all the spiritual development that I’ve done, my ego still exists. During my spiritual journey, I’ve been deflating my ego and possibly made it worst. Whether anyone likes it or not, confidence/ arrogance is tied to the ego. Instead of deflating my ego, I decide to face my ego. You know what…that’s all what taking “selfies” or achieving a higher status in life means. We all try to find ways to face our egos.

Apparently, after carefully listening (meditating), my ego simply wants two things. It wants to lead; and, it wants perfection. That’s all! I tear myself apart and have worried over those two simple things over the years! What a waste of energy! Deflating my ego has turned me into the opposite—not leading or perfecting. Perfecting doesn’t have to mean something bad. It’s about growing the self, which is, for the most part, the ego.

Awakened by self-confrontation, maybe it’s time for me to try those two simple things. What have I got to lose? I know who I am. Make the A.

Positive Image

Certainly, it does not hurt to be positive. Why will it hurt to have a true positive image? I do not see anything wrong with being organically a nice person. Unless sociopaths come along wanting to ruin your positive image, you will need a great “PR” management team consisting of loved ones to deflect or deflate them.

Any time I hear someone complaining about how nice a person is, or notice that being nice gravels the person, I remove myself from the situation. It has taken long years for me to finally remove myself from certain situations. A person does deserve a second chance, but chances can run out really fast.

At times, even, chaos can take you out of your positive image. It’s important to find balance. There shall be an important skill called balance management, especially, useful in our personal lives. When chaos strikes, for example, I may come across lacking certain skills as some critics may observed. Who doesn’t? Only in chaos will I learn additional skills to grow, or hone former skills. To judge a person in this presumptuous way is to commit an act of  foolery. With people, it never ends.

So, there is no reason not to have a true positive image or to be an organically nice person, unless you choose otherwise. And, if you choose otherwise, it says a whole lot about you. Make the A.

Raising Children


Education Revolution

Although I do not have any children, I am concerned about how they are raised. Children need their parents’ time more than anything to mature successfully—most importantly, productively. It is understandable that sometimes it is hard to provide that time for them because of busy schedules, or even a lack of interest.

Only I can  imagine that being a parent is tremendous hard work. You know what makes children so uncanny. They have an amazing gift to teach themselves and to think logically…and intuitively. This gift must be cultivated.

John Taylor Gatto has done some amazing research on self-learning. It is worth checking out for the sake of raising children. Make the A.

Invent Myself

Sometimes we all must admit the b.s. we will not tolerate in making living wages. As for as living wages, I just will not tolerate some incompetent industries and their poor business strategies and/ or thinking skills. For example, some cruise lines are dumping human poo in oceans. So, wrong! There are some industries, or departments, in which I refuse work. Plain and simple—I can’t stand it!!

Career-wise, I have no interests in factory, production, data entry, maintenance, support, consulting and designing, supervisory, or whatever unnecessary position if it’s not for Web/ Software Engineering. Why is data entry in a category itself? There is “data entry” in every position. It is required when using technology. Supervisory positions really make me laugh. How can an adult supervise another adult? I mean…you’ve hired the person to do his or her job, right?

Here’s another confession. I do not like asking for anything, not even a job. At times, I do what I must. You all can relate.  I must admit, in college, that I hated asking for recommendation letters for scholarships or potential jobs. It made me feel less than myself—losing control over my career. Oh, no, I was not having it!! From that moment on, it was utmost important to invent myself. Make the A.

My Funny Office Rules

Here’s a note that I’ve made to myself if I ever work in an office, again:

  • Do not hang w/ co-workers.
  • Do not ask for food or to use any kitchen utensils.
  • Bring cooler or a mini frig to store snacks.
  • Use lunchtime wisely.
  • Do not chat online.
  • Do not perform any personal duties.
  • Study what requires for position to advance.
  • Do not give work numbers or talk on work phone.
  • Walk outside or step out for fresh air.
  • Bring some over-the-medicine or first aid kit.
  • Do not flirt or have sex w/ co-workers.
  • Build your own network of like-minded individuals.
  • Move on when necessary.

Make the A

Mentally Drained

East coast’s cold weather put me in hibernation. For whatever reasons, I cannot think in cold weather. Only sleeping is better than thinking in this weather.

Again, it snows. Ugh… I do not know why I am complaining. I stay in doors, anyway.

Since the new year began, I have been learning taxes and applying skills during my apprenticeship before I quit. Sometimes I wonder why I quit. Remember? This weather cannot help me think straight. Also, I feel mentally drained.

Though I quit for good reasons, I quit to ensure self-sufficiency—the true meaning of the word. I am a certified tax professional looking to start businesses, which I have done—check out lauaccessoires.com.

The next business for me maybe in tax services for small businesses and other types of legal businesses as an enrolled agent. Strangely, I enjoy preparing income tax returns, just not working for someone. Sacrifices need to be made. Make the A.

Short Proposal for New System

Sometimes, I feel that something is missing from our social construct. We have all these man-made systems but have not incorporated nature. What can we learn from nature that can improve existing social constructs?

Also, I think that the man vs machine concept needs to evolve a bit…no, a lot more than what it is. Our social constructs seem to favor the machine over man. How insane is that? I do not know about you, but robots of any kind are scary. Hint: the Terminator franchise. 

For whatever reason, social constructs do not trust a human brain. (They want you to be a machine: follow instructions only.) I emphasize this in other blogs and will do it again: the brain is the most powerful “computer” ever—hands down. We can argue this all day long; the brain will always win—as long as a body to it exists.

In addition, are human-like robots being built, because there are too many physical laws governing the human body? What will replacing a human body accomplish? Isn’t it human extinction? Yeaaa, it’s time for a different way of thinking. 

Somewhere along the line, we have neglected the man vs nature concept. It works; I’m practicing it now. From my practice, harming anyone or anything does not come across my mind, or even exists within my human psyche. Building or buying what I do not need does not exist. The ego does not exist either. There isn’t anything to take me out myself unless I authorize it.

Therefore, my short proposal for a new system will incorporate the concepts from man vs machine and man vs nature and transform them into a concept with real life application but take man out it. It is obvious that man does not have absolute control over anything, really. Possibly, this comparative concept can be called artificial systems vs natural systems with assistance of man to build, test and document. However, man cannot dictate for another man. Make the A.


Last Career Advice

This blog presents the last career advice that I will give before I transform Make the A into a collection of blogs about self-sufficiency. Two lessons that I learned along the way about having a career are to protect myself and to decide a direction for my career.

Two months ago, a recent employer violated my employee’s right; I do not think that it will end—generally, in any employment. This chairwoman forwarded private conversations between me and her to all board members and tried to make me responsible for an assignment that I was not certified to do. I simply left the organization. At some point in your career, you will have to protect yourself; employment will not.

After I vented all my frustrations about this employer and fears about what to do next, I started taking open courses in science and computer programming to keep my mind off things. My dignity was more important than my social status. I would have to deal with myself and my insecurities if I stayed and, some how, would feel like a fool if I did. Pride or not—I would rather do my own thing than be a subordinate. Like me, you will have to decide which stand to take.

Not every work experience of mine was negative. From what I could remember, the best time that I had in employment was when I worked for Macy’s in 2007-2008. I got along with my peers, and we had a clique. I missed those days of belonging. Even, in the good moments, you have to move onto something bigger and better. Make the A.